North Korean Hackers Create Crypto-Trading Apps to Steal Cryptocurrencies

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This year, Lazarus, a hacker group associated with North Korea, has intensified its cyber attacks to steal cryptocurrencies, antivirus company Kaspersky Lab told the Russian publication Kommersant.

The hackers have been releasing crypto-trading apps to bypass application store inspections. Still, the updates to the apps have an embedded trojan, namely, AppleJeus for macOS and Bluenoroff for Windows. Using the trojans, the hackers reportedly steal user access to crypto-wallets and exchanges.

According to another cybersecurity provider Group-IB, the hackers create websites and social media accounts to promote the apps.

In June alone, cybersecurity experts disclosed several apps of this kind, which are Coin Go Trade, Kupay Wallet, and Dorusio Wallet.

Lazarus is a hacker group also known as Dark Seoul Gang. They are possibly endorsed by the Bureau 212 of the Reconnaissance General Bureau of North Korea, which is focused on cyberwarfare.

The hacker group gained notoriety after DDoS and hacker attacks on government institutions in South Korea and the United States. Most recently, Lazarus was involved in cryptocurrency exchange hacks, which is often attributed to the attempts of the North Korean regime to bypass international sanctions.

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