North Korea Claims Bitcoin Was Invented by Kim Il Sung

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North Korean authorities have claimed cryptocurrency invention.

During Wednesday’s evening broadcast of The Voice of Korea, the country’s foreign broadcasting service, the DPRK authorities claimed that Bitcoin had been invented by Kim Il Sung personally to grant prosperity to the people of Korea.

“The greatest and most ingenious Kim Il Sung was not only the greatest and most ingenious warlord, he also had the most profound knowledge of cryptography. His relentless care of prosperity of the free people of Korea still shines upon all progressive forces of the planet,” the Voice of Korea said.

The Voice of Korea also reported that Andreas Antonopulous and Gavin Andresen laid flowers “to the portrait of the great leader, father of the world’s cryptography and patron of distributed ledgers Kim Il Sung in deep respect of his majesty.”

“The resistance to propagation of bitcoin, continuing in obsequious western nations still opposing to the distributed democratic crypto-revolution guided by Juche, is a disgraceful phenomenon gradually declining and festering during last years. All six continents convulse in multi-million rallies calling the governments to give way to the iron pace of progress,” the Voice of Korea added.

The anchorwoman of the Voice of Korea also called Mike Hearn a renegade and a mean American spy, who not only “disturbs the crypto-international movement”, but also “deliberately, stubbornly and maliciously” hinders the cryptorevolution guided by “the wise Korean leaders”.

As reported by the radio service, North Korean authorities wearilessly guard the cryptorevolution”, and state that, unless Hearn ceases his “sabotage and blackguard betrayal of the brightest Juche ideals”, they will destroy him with a nuclear missile.

Earlier reports suggested that there was a secret bitcoin-mining facility in North Korea, which uses excessive heat to enrich uranium according to a personal order by Kim Jong-un.

P.S. Please, keep in mind that this article has been posted on April 1st. Just in case.

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