NON central CONF strikes back in León

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The NON central CONF will turn (again) Leon (Spain) during the 22-24th June weekend into a meeting place of great international specialists within a playful environment promoting connections between different international communities, and have a very good time.

The NON central CONF name is not coincidental, it is NON central, because León is not a usual place for holding this type of happening, and it is NON CONF because it arose (it is, and it will continue to be) as a friends meeting last year, with the invitation to meet in León to celebrate the spirit of decentralization, to 200 the most prestigious specialists, met in three years of travel through different countries, and once gathered, taking advantage of the enormous knowledge about this technology treasured by the guests, this knowledge is shared through the celebration of different talks, workshops and panels.

León Blockchain HUB association strikes back organizing the second edition of the event, that for some of the 2018 attendants, was the best event of the year again with the support of the local development agency, ILDEFE, that grants the venue to host the talks and provides infrastructure support.

There are many facts that make this event a NON CONF, to put a small example, all information about income and expenses of the event is publicly accessible and updated in real time online, or the fact of that none of the speakers are paid or pay to be present at the conference.

Alex Casas, NON central CONF organizer, said:

“No publicity, but word of mouth, no sponsors, but voluntary and public contributions from projects present at the non conf, no crazy prices, but paying the costs between everyone attending. Just fun and pure crypto spirit in the town that celebrated the first parliamentary court in history. A friends meeting that is also open to anyone that wants to enjoy, learn, share and rethink our world. Public income and expenses budget, surplus sharing with b4H (Blockchain for Humanity), the speakfriends, and participants. And fire to turn into ashes the old world we want to leave behind, and embrace a new one in the #SanJuantoshi night.“

On the day of San JuanToshi, June 24, the speakfriends will be on-boarded in a cryptotrain with destination to a nearby mountain zone and resort to enjoy nature, some ludic activities, typical delicatessens and maybe a bit of open air hacking. #NONcentralHACK.

The invitations to speakfriends, outstanding professionals from various fields of blockchain technology, and better persons, were recently sent through telegram, to make up the 2019 NON central CONF program, based on the dynamism of the agenda of invitees, it is a living organism that can mutate with any message sent in the NON central CONF telegram group.

As every Speakfriend that attended the first edition was delighted by the city of León and the general mood in this crypto friends’ party, and thus were willing to come back to the second edition, they are already included in the site for the 2019. This year`s program is “opt-out”  as some will not be able to make it again, and new speakfriends will be welcomed in this year’s edition.

The full agenda has been updated and is available at the NON central CONF website.

The event is not for profit and wants to be inclusive allowing everyone interested too enjoy, learn, share and rethink our world, to attend with reduced and reasonable prices aimed to cover the costs of the event.

Prices of the tickets are already published and available, the cheapest, which includes access to conferences and coffee breaks, €55 and the most expensive €99  including lunch for both days and a couple of drinks for SanJuanToshi night.

All the numbers of the budget that have led to that prices are publicly available in a google docs that can be accessed here and it is linked in the website.

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