NewTON Blockchain Launched Test Network, Building Upon TON’s Original Source Code

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A group of 30 independent developers launched the test network for NewTON Blockchain, one of the projects aiming to continue the cause of Telegram’s TON project after the conflict with the SEC. One of the developers behind NewTON, Anatoly, shared some details about the project with ForkLog.

The team started working on NewTON two weeks prior to the launch. Aside from the test net, they were making tools for development, governance, and validation, as well as mobile and web wallets.

“The project is being developed in accordance with the principles of decentralization and open source. Community members act as validators,” said Anatoly.

Currently, there are about 30 developers on the team, many of which have won TON Blockchain Contests and other competitions.

“The community is made up of independent developers. We’re aren’t part of any for-profit organizations and are located all over the world. There are no former or current Telegram employees among us,” NewTON developer noted.

Anatoly believes that the team behind Telegram Open Network did the bulk of the work by solving the problems of scalability and transaction speed in their design:

“This is indeed a next-generation network and we wouldn’t want to such a technology going to waste.”

The next steps for NewTON are reviewing TON’s code and creating a development plan.

“As of now, we want to refine the process of collaboration on the blockchain code and are focus on that goal exclusively. Any questions about a token would be premature. We aren’t looking for investors and aren’t competing with Free TON,” Anatoly stressed.

NewTON is one of three community projects that build upon the original source code of Telegrams TON blockchain project, the other two being Free TON and the TON Blockchain initiative by the Chinese TON Community.

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