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SEC vs TON: What Blockchain Association Involvement Means

Telegram has been litigating with the SEC for a while now. The main question of the case is whether the sale of Gram tokens by Telegram’s TON platform is a transaction of securities. Whatever the court ruling will be, it is likely to create a significant precedent for the entire crypto-industry to deal with. 

John Mcafee’s Dick, Million Dollars, and Other Famous Bitcoin Price Promises Never Kept

The crypto-market has always been full of predictions but some people probably find it too boring and extend challenges that put their financial welfare or even bodies at risk. But are they willing to fulfill their promises?

OneCoin Ponzi Scheme: Scam of the Decade Continues in 2020’s Oceania

Recently, we’ve published an investigation into a large-scale Ponzi-scheme called OneCoin. The scheme had its branches in several different countries across several continents, defrauding people of billions of dollars.

Global Political Game and Bitcoin Price

In the crypto community and the society at large, there has been a long-running debate pertaining to whether Bitcoin can be defined as a protective asset along with gold, Japanese yen, Swiss franc, and U.S. government bonds. Some experts insist that the unique properties of the first cryptocurrency make it a safe haven for periods […]

Is $1.1 Billion Transaction in Bitcoin That Big of a Deal?

As it became known, the mysterious party that had transferred 124 946.6 BTC proved to be BitFinex. According to the exchange’s CTO Paolo Ardoino, the transaction was but a part of transferring 150 thousand BTC to the company’s hot wallet.

The Threat of Quantum Computers: Will Bitcoin Get Hacked?

Quantum computing has been one of the horror stories for bitcoin enthusiasts for a while now. Experts have repeatedly argued that this new tech would endanger the very existence of the network, which no one has managed to hack since its launch.

On the Verge of Web 3.0: Next Generation Blockchain-Browsers

Blockchain’s rise to celebrity status is often compared to the dawn of commercial development of the Internet. In the early 90s, new technologies were treated with caution by many and few people truly understood the scope of innovation which humanity will accumulate in the upcoming 20 years. Today almost every company has its own website […]

Why Virgin Bitcoins Are More Expensive?

After FATF had uncovered their new AML/CFT recommendations that would become fully enforceable in June 2020, investors started getting interested in virgin Bitcoins, i.e. freshly minted coins that were not involved in any operations aside from mining.

Hacker’s Loophole: Vulnerabilities That Cause Bitcoin Exchanges to Lose Millions

According to a May study by The Block, 42 large cryptocurrency exchanges have been compromised since 2012, not taking smaller platforms into account. The total amount of stolen funds exceeded $1.35 billion, with about 59% of these funds (795.5 million) being stolen in 2018.

Will Monero, Dash, Zcash, And Other Private Coins Be Delisted?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies draw more and more attention from regulators and politicians around the world. Governments openly pursue monitoring of transactions. They tend to restrict or ban digital currencies that make the monitoring job harder.

Playing Gotcha With Regulators, or What Do FATF Recommendations Mean for Crypto Industry

On June 21st 2019, the FATF presented the finalized version of governing provisions for the crypto industry. The document obligates bitcoin exchanges and other “virtual asset service providers” to comply with AML and CFT procedures similarly to traditional financial companies.

How to Protect Your Crypto Wallet if Someone Searches Your Phone?

We all keep a lot of personal information on our phones and obviously don’t want to share our correspondence, cryptocurrency wallets, or contacts to become a part of the public domain. Nonetheless, in some cases, authorities can ask you to provide full access to your device.