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E as in Estonia: EU’s Digitalization Spearhead With Debatable Blockchain Capabilities

For an outsider, the stories about the digital age Estonians live in are fascinating. The country is widely considered to harbor the world’s most digitized society, most technology-enabled government, and first-ever blockchain system serving a state government.

SEC Rejected Another Bitcoin ETF Leaving No More Bids To Review: What’s Going On?

As the recent news has it, the SEC rejected the last application for a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund it had to review. There are no more applications pending, and it seems the Commission isn’t going to make Bitcoin ETFs happen, at least soon.

Institutional Players Ramping up Investments in Bitcoin: What’s in It for Crypto-Industry

Many crypto-enthusiasts anticipate the advent of large investors to make Bitcoin price grow rapidly and pull the whole market along with it. Galaxy Digital’s Mike Novogratz believes that Bitcoin will soon pass the $20,000 mark, chiefly driven by the regulated exchanges aimed at professional market participants.

Russian Promises: Norilsk Nickel’s Tokenization Platform May Catalyze the Slowly Developing Russian Crypto Legislation

Russian Central Bank has approved the digital platform of Norilsk Nickel for trading tokens backed by commodities. On February 17, the Central Bank confirmed that the platform’s testing was successfully completed. It took place in the regulator’s own “sandbox.”

Bitcoin in Cybercrime: Questionable Choice That Works

Looking through the news that came up during the month, one may notice several closely packed cases of hacking, extortion, and other unsavory activities involving Bitcoin. While there seems to be no particular connection between these cases, this is an unkind reminder not to be negligent about basic cybersecurity.

ePayments Blocking: Facts and Conclusions

On February 11th, the UK’s FCA has blocked the operation of ePayments due to the company’s failure to comply with AML requirements. Pursuant to the regulator’s request, ePayments froze nearly a million customer accounts. 

Resurrection of Altcoins Presumed Dead Is No Zombie Apocalypse but Something Else

Bloomberg’s recent article noted the rapid growth of certain altcoins which were long considered dead and gone. But due to cryptocurrency’s decentralized nature, no altcoin is truly dead.

U.S. Treasury Promised New Cryptocurrency Regulation: What May Come Along?

On February 12th, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said that the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) is going to release new cryptocurrency regulations with “significant new requirements” regarding crypto.

Warning: Scammers Use ForkLog and CoinDesk Brands to Trick Users Out of Their Money

Disclaimer: ForkLog is not engaged in any exchange services and does not provide any trading consultations. The list of ForkLog’s social media is available on the official website. Scammers name-steal ForkLog’s brand to deceive our readers and trick users out of their money. They do not only mislead regular users but even top managers of […]

ForkLog and Coingecko ForkLog and Analytic Service Coingecko Announce Partnership

Analytic service Coingecko, which has around 8 million visits a month, and online publication ForkLog have concluded a memorandum of understanding and cooperation “seeking to boost the development of the international digital currency and blockchain markets.”

Lending Tops Crypto-Industry by ROI: What Can Go Wrong?

Lending is named the most profitable sector of the crypto-industry by return on investment. The niche keeps attracting capital and is expected to grow further in 2020. Akin to DeFi in general, the niche holds a lot of promise, but there is the other side to consider.

Visa Acquires Payment Startups: What Could It Mean for Crypto?

One of the high-profile deals in the financial market in January 2020 was the purchase of the Plaid fintech startup for $5.3 billion by the Visa payment system.