Mycelium Wallet Team to Sell 5% of the Company in ICO

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Developers of bitcoin wallet Mycelium have announced their first crowdsale to distribute 5% of the company’s value among users and bitcoin developers.

Mycelium CEO Alexander Kuzmin stated:

“We want Mycelium users to be Mycelium stakeholders. There are three reasons for this. We need money to support the current version and update it from time to time with the new features. We need a lot more money to develop the new Mycelium and we have already started working on it about six months ago—you will find the brief description of the new Mycelium here:; we plan to roll it out this fall.”

“We think that it is much better when the stakeholders are the users, partners and customers of the product. You know how good Mycelium Wallet is, we know how much you trust us, and you can be sure—the new Mycelium will blow you away!” he added.

It is worth mentioning that Mycelium has already announced the new wallet release.

“We at Mycelium are officially announcing our new wallet, along with all the features that, until now, we have been keeping secret. The new wallet will also be simply called Mycelium, since it will no longer be just a typical wallet,” reads their statement in Reddit post.

The company noted their new Mycelium Wallet inherited all options available in current version while having some new functions and capabilities. Apart from default compatibility with Android and iOS devices, the new wallet will be more friendly to users beyond bitcoin who use blockchain to manage their fiat assets. The company promises that routine financial operations will be much easier.

The new wallet in question features a plug-in API allowing anyone to integrate their services directly into the wallet; added support for various currencies and digital assets; and support of various platforms at once.

Mycelium also believes they have found the best solution for regulation issues. It’s possible that the company could prefer using blockchain records to confirm user participation in the crowdsale; however, Mycelium state they have performed all required internal procedures to make the fundraising process as legal as possible.

The company has also drawn attention to the fact that until recently there had not been a solution to the problem of safe and easy issuance of assets, registering rights for them, and transferring the rights to a third party. However, now the company seems to have had those tools, and they are as easy as that: protocol is used for the crowdsale, with Waves or Ethereum possibly used later on.

The crowdsale campaign starts on 1 May at 11.59 p.m. PST. Further details are available at the project’s website.

Last year Mycelium presented their own bitcoin card featuring capability to transact even in absence of internet connection.

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