Moscow’s Active Citizen Project to Implement Blockchain

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Speaking at the meeting with the Russian president’s administration, Deputy Director of Moscow’s IT Department, Andrei Belozerov, stated that they were ready to implement blockchain technology in the project dubbed Active Citizen.

“Moscow is ready to become a platform for using blockchain technology. As a pilot project, we’re offering the Active Citizen project. We want, on the one hand, to pilot the technology and realize how viable it is for such purposes. On the other hand, we want to shake off this skepticism of the citizens,” he said.

Belozerov also added that currently the Active Citizen referendum system is widely criticized for “alleged driving up the numbers”.

“The idea is that any vote of a citizen at any voting will be digitally signed and put onto blockchain, which would consist of a series of nodes located in trusted entities. This would have been a network retaining the voting results, with the partners, like Sberbank, being responsible for the nodes,” he said.

Belozerov believes that it is the blockchain technology that would enable any network participant to check whether the voting in question is correct and fair.


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