Moscow-based Company Attempted to Register “Bitcoin” as a Brand

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According to Rospatent, Russian patent bureau, a few days ago Moscow-based M-Group LLC failed to register “Bitcoin” as a brand.

The company’s application required to register the trademark for classes 38 and 36 (telecom and financial operations respectively) of the International Classification of Goods and Services.

Rospatent rejected to register the trademark as “the provided verbal mark duplicates the name of an electronic payments system” and eponymous virtual currency. Additionally, Rospatent stated, the very word “Bitcoin” is a common economic term, and thus is not subject to protection in terms of services covered by classes 36 and 38 of the ICGS.

Moreover, Rospatent stressed, possible usage of the patent could confuse a consumer in regard of the service provider as per item 3 of clause 1483 of the Russian Civil Code.

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