Mass Network: Online Ad Market with Human Face


In four weeks’ time, Mass Network’s ICO will come to an end. At the moment of publication, investors have purchased 240 BTC worth of Mass Coin tokens.

The statement suggesting that Mass uses bitcoin’s blockchain as the safest cryptonetwork wanders across numerous publications. Certainly, transparency, low fees, security and high transaction speed are advantages of any monetary system. However, Mass’s novelty isn’t about creating yet another token. The system’s concept is substantially different from AdBlock and Brave, both in terms of technology and the approach towards building online ad market.

Realizing what Mass is about requires understanding the basic idea of Real Time Bidding (RTB). This recent technology is basically an auction of ads held real-time. Over its course, advertisers compete for the right of publishing a particular ad for a particular user. Thus, the model implies that the advertisers may buy not just an opportunity to show an ad at a particular website, but to show it to a particular user.

In simple terms, RTB basic principles are as follows: each time a user opens a website that keeps data from cookies, the user’s location, visiting time, and parameters of available ad area are sent to the platform where an auction for advertisers is taking place. Apart from the aforementioned data, the system also uses information sold by data management platforms. The process takes place while the page is being loaded, so when the process is over, the user will see an ad that could probably kindle some interest.

The RTB model is profitable for advertisers and website owners, and creates a new niche for businesses focused on selling targeted user data. However, the only possible advantage for regular users is seeing targeted ads instead of random. Brave has stepped up by offering payments for ads watched, yet this move entails a conflict. Once you open a web page, Brave simply replaces ads that the website had been paid for without asking anyone’s permission.

As for ad blockers, their functioning results in a race of arms producing blockers, antiblockers, antiantiblockers, and so on. Apart from that, blockers sabotage RTB on the one hand, and may conspire with some advertisers on the other.

Mass chose the way of voluntary and mutually profitable cooperation of all market players, including regular users, instead of confronting everyone. The platform will allow users to sell their attention and personal data, and have access to ad settings.


Data privacy that Mass users would sell is protected: DMP nodes are storing and transmitting data in an encrypted form.

Transparency of Mass is not only maintained by the possibility of tracing Mass Coins along bitcoin blockchain; there also is open access to information on ad load on websites. This would allow anyone to check whether Mass is honest.

Certainly, Mass Coin’s crowdsale might interest advertisers, investors and stockjobbers in the first place. However, Mass as a new word in online advertising, may also interest millions of users who will now have an option to monetize their web surfing with no conflict of interest.

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