Market Evolution in the Context of Cryptotechnologies


People got used to idea of life forms being some kind of organic systems consisting of material world particles obeying to evolutionary laws. But what is life as it is?

Can we say that beings having no material equivalent may be called life forms? What if those beings obey the laws of living nature and directly influence it? What if those beings have always been within our line of sight?

Lets assume that economy is but an environment for market, which is an unusual and rather interesting life form. Here are some features identifying economic units as particular life forms.

Instinct of survival: like any living creature, economic units try to survive on the market, and their rate of success varies. For those purposes they are equipped with a powerful natural mechanism.

Evolution. Economic units always evolve to maintain a better rate of survival. They acquire new tools to become more efficient. The most successful species use the most advanced achievements of science and technology to maintain their leadership. Balance of power has shifted towards technology companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Tesla Motors, and Samsung, who had already won the war for mass consumers.

Humankind has created those pets for ist own purposes, and dedicates a vast part of its life tot hem. We like our enterprises, companies, and firms, care about them, and maintain symbiotic relationship. Of course, there are some issues making this theory inconsistent like seeming dependence of companies. In fact, stable companies are strong due to their business models rather than people who created them. Well-balanced companies may exist for a long time independently from their creators.

What happens next? If market continues evolving this fast (there are no reasons why it shouldnt), soon we will see completely decentralized autonomous corporations that will not depend on human errors occurred in the course of their management.

The next step for the companies is gaining intelligence and self-consciousness. Moreover, Im sure that artificial intelligence will be driven not by scientific efforts, but by market forces that will equip the companies with separate elements of a nervous system in order to make them more autonomous and balanced. That system will be receiving external signals, process them, and produce a response. These will be the creatures generating added value to economy, hire people, feed them, and take care of them, like us cared about companies long ago.

We might delve into futurology further, but currently wed better analyze the concept and take a closer look at economic unit dynamics as applied to the following:

1. Economic units bear a significant resemblance to living forms;
2. They will try to become independent, and we will have to respect and support that aspirations if we want our companies to be successful;
3. If a human being is at the top of biological nature, the markets top will be a decentralized autonomous and conscious corporation.

Everything in the universe has to obey to the same laws of nature. If we look at the market from that point of view, many phenomena become evident and explainable. Of course, it should and has to be used not only to explain current events, but also to forecast the future and build the most efficient business models.

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