Litecoin Core v0.16.2 Release Announced

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Litecoin Core’s latest update v.0.16.2 has officially come out today, September 8. This is a new minor version release which includes new features, various bug fixes and performance improvements, as well as updated translations.

According to the blog post, wallets created in 0.16 and later are not compatible with versions prior to 0.16 and will not work if you try to use newly created wallets in older versions. It is recommended for all users to upgrade to this version. Existing wallets that were created with older versions are not affected by this.

Among the notable updates is the removal of the -blockmaxsize option which was deprecated in version 0.15.1. Miners should use the -blockmaxweight option if they want to limit the weight of their blocks’ weights. The same change is awaited in the Bitcoin Core 0.17.0 release which is due soon.

Currently, Litecoin Core is compatible with a number of operating systems such as macOS 10.8+, Linux Kernel, Windows Vista and later versions. However, Windows XP is not included on the list. Apart from the tested systems, LTC may work on Unix-like systems as well but that is not guaranteed due to infrequent tests on them.

Interestingly, recently Litecoin’s creator Charlie Lee conducted a Twitter poll asking his followers to suggest the most popular choice for privacy protocol integration. The four options included Confidential Transactions, ZK-Snarks/ZK-Starks, MimbleWimble, or no privacy at all. The majority of votes were allocated to Confidential Transaction.

As of 1PM UTC on Saturday, September 8, Litecoin, the seventh largest cryptocurrency by market cap was changing hands at $57.09 with trading volumes over the last 24 hours standing to the tune of $214.3 million.

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