Lifetime Banner Sales Launched: Put Yourself on Bitcoin Record with ForkLog

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ForkLog announces sales of commercial areas in lifetime format on “Highway to the Moon” web page. The banner area also acts as 404 page. The offer is a part of a development & support campaign for the project.

Don’t miss a unique opportunity to put yourself on cryptocurrency record by gaving a lifetime banner at ForkLog. Popularization of your product or service may become an integral part of our project via your banner on that page.

Our loyal readers must have noticed that recently the site experienced some significant changes including launchin of English version of the magazine featuring selected materials to maintain communications between Russian-speaking and English-speaking Bitcoin communities. This, however, resulted in 24/7 work mode for the editorial board which comes at some cost including that in financial sense of word.

Further existence of the project implies some financial certainty. It’s you who can help both us and active promtion of cryptocurrency, blockchain and decentralization in Russian-speaking areas.


Banner placing conditions

The page’s area is marked by a framework of 10×10 pixel squares. A square represents a minimum order to place. Price of a square changes respectively with a sales round. Currently it comprises 0.22 BTC per one square.

For instance, if you want to place a 100×50 banner, you should buy 10 squares along horizontal line and 5 squares along vertical line, which makes 50 squares overall. Total cost of placing in that case would comprise 11 BTC.

All you have to do to place the order is choosing the squares in question and contact us via e-mail as provided on the page. Payments are effected in Bitcoin, Dash (Darkcoin) or other cryptocurrency as agreed.

You also may reserve the squares if as yet you don’t know for sure what it is you’re going to place there. Owner of the bought-out squares may replace their banner for a different one as agreed by the ForkLog administration.

If there are any worries about our project’s life span, we hereby obligate to support and develop ForkLog for at least 5 more years. In case the magazine ceases updating, the project will remain in the web for at least 10 more years.

Buying a banner at our Bitcoin exchange rate page you not just support ForkLog and get an opportunity to place any information you like for the whole term of the project’s existence, but also put yourself on record of cryptocurrency and decentralized technologies development.

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