LeakedSource Reveals Details About BTC-E and Bitcointalk Hacks

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LeakedSource published hacked data from Btc-e and Bitcointalk. The leaks happened over the past two years and contain personal information of registered users in encrypted form.

The Bitcointalk hack in question happened back in 2015 while BTC-E was hacked in October 2014. According to LeakedSource, hackers got their hands on more than 1 mln accounts from both sites combined.

The BTC-E leak contains usernames, emails, passwords, IP addresses, register dates, languages and some internal data such as how many coins the user had. Bitcointalk lost usernames, emails, passwords, birthdays, secret questions, hashed secret answers, and some other internal data.

While data from BTC-E remains encrypted due to an unknown password hashing method, the major part of data from Bitciontalk could be cracked in what LeakedSource estimates as a one year time.

“We are pleased to announce that only 44,869 (9%) of users on Bitcointalk.org used MD5 hashing with a unique salt for passwords. Of those, we have cracked 30,389 or 68%. The remaining 91% of user passwords were hashed with “sha256crypt” and it would take us about a year to crack an estimated 60-70% of them. This method of password storage is far superior to nearly every website we’ve seen thus far”, LeakedSource site says.

LeakedSource is a project dedicated to secure breached data by giving users an ability to find out if their personal info like emails, passwords, etc. is available online.

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