Leaked Letter: Russian Parliament to Hold a Cryptocurrency Conference

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On 2 June 2016, Russian Parliament, the State Duma, will hold an international conference titled “Electronic Currency in Light of Contemporary Legal and Economic Challenges”. The letter describing the forthcoming event was signed by deputy chairman of Duma’s committee for security and anti-corruption Andrey Lugovoy.

This March, Lugovoy stroke a blow for cryptocurrency saying that assessing its perspectives and risks is more preferable than banning it. He added that cryptocurrency requires a regulatory framework. In this light, electronic currency mentioned in the letter is most likely Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

“The conference will cover a wide range of issues related to legal and economic aspects of electronic currency’s turnover, legal basis for regulation of modern-day payment tools, economic benefits and criminal risks of electronic currency’s usage, technical maintenance problems of its turnover, international and foreign experience of using modern-day payments tools, and perspectives of electronic currency’s propagation in Russia,” the letter reads.

According to information found in the letter, the event’s organizers have invited leading scientists from Russia and abroad, heads of parliamentary fractions, parliament members, members of Russian Civic Chamber, representatives of executive authorities, experts, and representatives of related businesses. However, according to ForkLog’s sources, currently the event is at early stages of preparation. For now, no international experts and business actors are on the invitation list.

Apparently, there still are some people in the State Duma who are ready to oppose bitcoin banning and the notorious draft law on cryptocurrency’s criminalization. Notably, date of the event coincides with Vitalik Buterin’s alleged visit to Russia.

Notably, according to British sources, Lugovoy might be involved in murder of Alexander Litvinenko in London. Being an ex-FSB agent, Litvinenko was known for being vocal on Russian president’s connection to criminal world. He died of poisoning with radioactive polonium-210 in November 2006.

Leaked text of official announcement (in Russian):

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