PlusToken Scam: How To Launder 11,999 BTC and Get Bitcoin Another Notch Lower PlusToken Scam: How To Launder 11,999 BTC and Get Bitcoin Another Notch Lower

A Chinese pyramid scheme called PlusToken has managed to gain notoriety as a significant factor influencing Bitcoin’s price. Just recently, a hefty bunch of 11,999 BTC from its wallet started moving, putting the watchful members of the community on high alert: an en masse sell-off of this much Bitcoin wouldn’t be a good thing for […]

BTC-e: Crazy Story Of Financial Crime, Unshared Spoils, And Lies

The crypto-exchange BTC-e was operational between 2011 and 2017 but its history is still being made. The platform was involved in a major international money laundering scheme, but there’s much more to its story: hackers, insurgents, threats, and a whole load of Bitcoin.

Justin Sun’s Secret Projects, or What Lies Beneath Tron Founder’s Empire

From the moment of its inception, the Tron platform and its founder Justin Sun have garnered significant attention from news media within the crypto-industry. There are perfectly legitimate reasons for this, such as important technological releases or major acquisitions. There is also an abundance of much more controversial news hooks, surrounding the person of this […]

Dead Man’s Chest: A Story of QuadrigaCX CEO Gerald Cotten Who Took $137 Million Worth of Users’ Assets to the Grave

On December 9, 2018, in the Indian city of Jaipur QudrigaCX CEO Gerald Cotten (30) allegedly died of cardiac arrest. He was reported to have suffered from Crohn’s disease and on the day of his death turned out to be the only holder of private keys to cold wallets with QuadrigaCX’s users’ assets worth $137 […]

Another Pyramid That Could: Cashbery, Crypto, and the Legacy of a Post-Soviet Scam Legend

There are important lessons that go by with seemingly minuscule effects. The legendary MMM, a pyramid scheme orchestrated by Sergei Mavrodi in the 1990s, is one of them. The post-Soviet countries of the period were somewhat of a Wild West. The opportunities were huge, but not everybody was in a position to seize them. Those […]

Scam of the Decade: the Story of a Doctor of Law Who Organized the OneCoin Ponzi Scheme and Vanished With Billions of Euros

Many OneCoin investors still believe they are taking part in the global financial revolution. Despite a slew of arrests and serious allegations mounted against the organizers of the scheme, they continue to invest, oblivious to any criticism. What started as just another Ponzi scheme has eventually evolved into the largest scam of the decade and […]

From Drug Peddler To Elon Musk: How Is Satoshi Nakamoto Still Anonymous After a Decade-Long Search

“I’ve moved on to other things. It’s in good hands with Gavin [Andresen] and everyone” — this message was sent by Satoshi Nakamoto to a developer Mike Hearn on April 23rd, 2011. It is considered to be the last or one of the last confirmed contacts with the creator of Bitcoin before his, her, or […]

From Dublin With Love: the Strange Case of Bitsane’s Disappearance With Millions of Euros

In mid-July 2019, the website of the Irish bitcoin exchange Bitsane launched in late 2016 suddenly became empty, all social media accounts were deleted, and the assets of almost 250 thousand users disappeared along with the team. The administration bravely ran away.

Kibo: the Entangled Tale of a Crypto Lottery

After our earlier feature on the accusations addressed to Kibo by some community members was published, ForkLog has undertaken its own investigation with experts, developers, lawyers and active members of the Russian-speaking cryptocommunity providing their assistance.