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Bitcoin based games are hardly any news in our day. A big portion of these games are just online casinos that use cryptocurrencies as their underlying payment method. Others are MMORPG typed games which based their internal economics on Bitcoin. Last but not least, there’s a plethora of classical skill games one can play for money. However, recently a unique type of game had emerged, which employs actual blockchain as a gameboard.

The rules of the game named p50pot are devastatingly simple. The blockchain is a battlefield, and fighters use their bitcoins for weapons. They send their bitcoins to a dedicated address, and at the end of every round a winner gets all the bitcoins sent (minus a minor house fee). The winner of each round is determined on the basis of their position in the list of transactions, which is sorted by transaction ids. The aim of the game is to have your transaction occupy the middle of the list once the round has ended (which happens every time a new block is added to the blockchain). This requires some strategic and tactical thinking, and thus makes p50pot a game which can give someone the thrills of traditional gambling, the pleasure and social aspect of MMORPG, plus a perfect grasp of block chain technology operation.

Those who don’t need any more grasp in block chain operation might ask whether forks or orphaned blocks can influence the game’s dynamics. They can, of course, but in order to avoid unfairness, any time a fork is found, the game server reassess all affected previous rounds. Since payouts are sent immediately once a round has ended, and, as we all know, Bitcoin payments hate being reversed, there are scenarios in which a reassess can not be carried fully. In this circumstances, a refund is issued. Actually, the notion of refunds and fairness is a core aspect of the game. Refunds are automatic, and are issued any time a user miss-follows the rules.

Another remarkable feature of the game is its lack of internally generated randomness: any randomness in the game is inherent in the block chain itself. This makes the game not only provably fair, but what the creator refers to as trivially fair. Users do not need to execute any scripts or mess with server side hashes in order to verify fairness. Instead, they can just browse the blockchain; the entire game play is just there in plain sight.

Leaving all the serious bitcoin business endeavors aside, there is an unsatisfied demand for some simple Bitcoin entertainment. p50pot is an attempt to bring something fresh and fun into the Bitcoin scene. Merging business, technology and fun into one can be one of the first steps that would finally lead the developed community into yet-unimaginable future.

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