Goldman Sachs Calls for Recognizing Prospects of the Blockchain Technology

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The international bank Goldman Sachs issued a note to its clients listing seven prospects, or, as the authors put it, “themes, dreams, and flying machines”. Those prospects are the most promising new trends and tendencies that the bank recommends its investors to carefully heed. And the first on the list is the blockchain.

Goldman Sachs states that it expects the technology to start a revolution in every aspect of life, regardless of some obstacles on its way. According to the note, the blockchain has removed the focus of attention from the cryptocurrency it was intended to underlie. It’s pretty hard to gainsay anything to that.

“[The blockchain is] promising an ushering in of a new set of tools to cut costs and challenge the profit poll of the middle-man with a promise to make centralized institutions obsolete,” the note reads.

The bank opted to highlight that the technology is capable of accelerating transactions, providing them with increased safety, and making them significantly less expensive.

Other issues covered by the note, however, include space exploration, education innovations, and technological solutions for cancer treatment, among other things. It must be an honor for the blockchain to be listed amidst such amazing things.

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