German Executives Mostly Believe in Niche Applications of Cryptocurrency

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According to a survey carried out in July by Bitkom, a German association for IT, only a few top managers in local finance believe bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency will ever gain any wider adoption as compared to current stance.

The survey’s results read that among 77 chief executive officers only 2% think that cryptocurrency will become a common method for payments, with 3% of hem thinking that in ten years’ time cryptocurrency will vanish.

However, the rest of those surveyed, which spans for 95%, think that bitcoin will neither go mainstream, nor disappear, but will eventually find its place in the broader economy and finance.

Those results come in contrast with findings of another survey carried out with German regular customers. 36 per cent of them stated they were at least interested in dealing with bitcoin, while 53 percent of a younger generation, i.e. those aged 14 to 29, stated their interest therein.

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