Former Amazon Manager Presents User-Friendly Bitcoin Wallet

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Bitcoin space is now complete with yet another bitcoin wallet dubbed iPayYou. According to its developers, the product is the simplest, safest and most useful wallet.

Currently, iPayYou is available only for desktops, however, mobile versions for Android and iOS devices are to follow in a few months.

Gene Kavner, the former top manager of Amazon, who also worked at Microsoft and Expedia, and founded a series of technology companies, is a great bitcoin fan. Kavner, as he said, wanted to create a wallet that wide audience would welcome. It mostly relates to users who cannot be referred to as tech savvy, and only wish to have an inexpensive, convenient and comprehensible product.

Kavner said in a statement:

“Our aim from the beginning was to create a consumer-friendly bitcoin wallet that is intuitive and secure. Consumer technology continues to improve but for most people, payment methods have been stuck in the past. That’s why our team has developed the easiest way ever to get access to Bitcoin’s revolutionary technology.”

The wallet offers withdrawal of funds to a bank account and sending digital currencies to other users with e-mail address only and no need to know the receiving party’s wallet address.

Additionally, the developers intend to add Lock Price option to peg the sent amount to USD so that it could not be changed upon receipt. iPayYou also plans to deploy a rewarding system and gift certificates for online stores.

“It is only the beginning for the iPayYou wallet with numerous additional never-before-seen features to be announced over the coming months. Our vision is to make bitcoin the most accessible and user-friendly currency with consumers worldwide considering bitcoin as a desirable payment method,” Kavner said.

Bitcoin wallet iPayYou has been presented on May 2 at Consensus 2016 in New York.

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