Forklog Video: Jimmy Song About the Hat, Bitcoin Maximalism, and the Industry


Jimmy Song is a Bitcoin Core developer, Bitcoin maximalist, entrepreneur, and quite a famous person in the crypto-community. 

In this interview with Max Keidun, Jimmy answered some of the burning questions about his hat and food choices, explained his approach to Bitcoin maximalism, and offered a perspective on altcoins. picked some of the highlights from the conversation.

If you’ve wondered about Jimmy’s hat and cowboy shoes, you’ve found the answer, although it is multi-layered. Mainly, the entrepreneur uses this apparel to point out his Texan origin. On the other hand, to him, the hat represents the spirit and the ethics of the Wild West and the 19th century: freedom and opportunities. 

“I liken the entire cryptocurrency space to the Wild West. It’s got a lot of danger but also a lot of opportunities. And there’s been a lot of danger […] But if you know what you’re doing — you can make a lot of money.”

Jimmy has also offered a refreshing view on Bitcoin maximalism, a concept that nowadays has somewhat of a religious fleur to it. He stressed that it is not about cheering for the team, but about the actual benefits of Bitcoin as a digital currency.

“[Bitcoin maximalism] is more of a description of reality, than a political party or something like that. I think that’s the mistake that a lot of people make: ‘Oh, you’re just like a Bitcoin maximalist!’ as if it’s like a slur. ‘You just want Bitcoin to win,’ as if it’s like Liverpool versus Manchester City or something like that, right? It’s not about cheering on your team, it’s just about how money works.

In this regard, Jimmy also described his views on altcoins:

“Bitcoin is where everything’s gathered together. It’s the one that’s actually decentralized, digital, and scarce. Everything else is just trying to print your own money or doing something else and trying to convince people. It’s why so many altcoins spent so much money on marketing.”

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of all the interesting stuff. To get more of Jimmy Song, watch the full interview:

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