ForkLog Issues Crypto-securities for Crowd-funding

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ForkLog launches its own crypto-securities via NXT Asset Exchange with crowd-funding supported by The project issues 1,300,000 shares overall, of which 1,000,000 are subject to sales with initial cost of 1 NXT.

The shareholders will receive dividends in the form of 50% of the projects advertisement monthly revenues. The advertisement revenues are subject to distribution via declared bitcoin addresses to be published on the site in the near future.

300,000 crypto-shares will be distributed as stated hereunder: 100,000 shares for shareholders of, 100,000 to be stored at the funds account, and 100,000 to be provided to ForkLog.

How Can I Buy ForkLogs shares?


To use the wallet, just download the archive, unzip it, and open index.html in any browser. If you dont like downloading and installing wallets on your computer, you may use online wallet at Coinomat.

NXT account is verified by a secret passphrase, which shall be input to log in. Please remember that the passphrase cannot be changed or retrieved, so it should be stored somewhere safe as several hard copies.

Just input the phrase to log in an existing wallet or create a new one (see fig. 1).

If this is your first time logging in, NXT may issue a warning that your account had not been confirmed by a public key (see fig. 2). Its alright some services may request your public key during the first transaction.

You will have to use NXT coins to buy ForkLog shares. You may buy them for bitcoins or fiat currencies at almost any exchange. However, if you use SuperNet wallet, it might be more convenient to use Coinomat service, which is integrated therein (see fig. 3).

Figure 4 illustrates a purchase for bitcoins. The shares may also be purchased for Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Peercoin, and via OKPay and Perfect Money. Also you may opt to replenish your Coinomat balance by bank remittance, but it takes 1 or 2 working days, which is quite a long time.


Following the replenishment you may proceed with purchasing shares of our magazine. Switch to Asset Exchange (see fig. 5) and add asset as follows: 14822567517046840274 (Forklog).


Then place a purchase order (see fig. 6).


Your order will appear afterwards (see fig. 7).


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