Number of Ethereum Transactions Tripled Following the Launch of Elephant Platform

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During the launch of financial platform Elephant, number of transactions in the Ethereum network tripled, and comprised 21,000 at press time. As of today, Elephant services over 30,000 . It is considered one of the biggest Ethereum-based projects.

Following the official release, on December 22, number of transactions exceeded 21,000 once again. This burst of activity is due to a great number of real users involved in the project.

Number of transactions in Ethereum network according to
The platform’s developers also managed to create a smart contract incentivizing Multisig technology within Ethereum. Currently, an Android wallet is available for downloading at Elephant website. Also available is a web wallet option. The project’s whitepaper is also available on the official website.

The project has been developed by Ambisafe experts. The company has been in the market for more than five years. It specializes in cryptocurrency releasing, and development of blockchain-based solutions. Among its latest projects is a proposed new standard for cryptocurrency wallet API’s.

Meanwhile, Ethereum continues its successful development notwithstanding some organizational issues. There are more and more solutions based on the platform, including an system for concluding smart contracts with drones, and a platform for decentralized autonomous organizations, AIRA DAO.

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