Five First Bitcoin Exchanges of Ukraine


As bitcoin industry in Ukraine continues rapidly evolving, there are dozens of interesting bitcoin and blockchain-oriented projects. When it comes to bitcoin exchanges, the general situation leads to a fierce competition, including that for the title of Ukraine’s first exchange. Here are some cryptocurrency exchanges positioning themselves as Ukraine-based projects in one way or another.


The project was the first to come in our view. Currently, BTC-trade is a well-known exchange launched by Bogdan Chayka in 2014. With most exchange operations effected for BTC/UAH (Ukrainian Hryvnia) pair, daily trade volume at the exchange comprises nearly 20 BTC, or around $8,000. In addition, there are some alternative cryptocurrencies, including Litecoin, Dogecoin and Dash, traded at the exchange.

One should give BTC-trade’s administration its dues. Notwithstanding a series of hacks and technical difficulties, the project survived and shows the positive development. The overall amount of losses from hacker attacks, according to our own data, comprises nearly $20,000.

Obico has recently halted operations due to financing problems. For several months in a row, the exchange abandoned active marketing efforts to attract backbone audience and fix bugs. However, the exchange failed to announce a full-fledged launch. The platform became known to bitcointalk users due to its advertising campaign, which implied transfer of $15 for signing up. However, many people managed to withdraw the money from the exchange. One may bottom-line the exchange’s operations with a comment posted this February on BTT:

“The exchange was ok. Gave me $15 and closed.”


A project by Coinessa wallet developers offers users 6 months of fee-free trading. Most exchange transactions are effected for BTC/USD pair, however, Russian ruble, Euro, and Ukrainian hryvnia are also available. According to the developers, several alternative cryptocurrencies will be added in short-term.


A project by Kuna Bitcoin Agency’s founder Mike Chobanyan. The exchange has had a successful crowdfunding campaign raising in excess of 200 BTC in exchange for 10% of the project’s shares subject to distribution in the form of tokens following the exchange’s launch. The exchange’s managers intend to reach trading turnover equivalent to $1 million by the end of 2016. BTC/UAH will be the basic pair for the exchange. The launch is scheduled for this April.


UA-Bit is a mysterious exchange, and we could not find anything about it. The administration was last active in December 2015. Following the announced update, there was a message in social media stating withdrawal limits are cancelled. Apparently, the project is in limbo now.

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