EuroTrip: Bitcoin Tour Film Shooting to Begin in Russia

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A filming group from Russia is heading for a eurotrip on a condition of spending bitcoins only during the journey.

Alexander Bezzubtsev, the project’s manager, described the journey as follows:

“We take a couple of cameras, a tripod, and microphones. We head to Vilnius via Minsk, then to Klaipeda, then Kiel on a ferry. Then we’ll head to Amsterdam via Hanover. On our way back to Russia we’ll be wandering to Berlin, then to Austria and Poland, and then to Minsk again.”

Speaking about the purposes of the filming, he added:

“We offered our [previous] film to the community promoting this trend. This is a global phenomenon of the digital age. They helped us in releasing the film, which had ended up at Bitfilm festival. A bit later I got an invitation to Amsterdam, where the film was the most serious, though being in Russian. We didn’t go, but I thought we could make another movie in Europe travelling by car. So we decided to tell a tale of cryptocurrency’s philosophy in a series of reality films based on our own experience.”

The films will be translated into English. The main issue covered therein will be development of cryptocurrencies and approaches towards them in different countries.

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