Eugene Kaspersky: The World Is Not Ready for Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Yet

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Eugene Kaspersky, the head of Kaspersky Lab, believes that even if cryptocurrencies get widely accepted, it is unlikely to happen earlier than “in five hundred years,” and only in the form of some analogs of what we know today.

Speaking about “the blockchain theme” to, Kaspersky said:

“It’s a beautiful theme. Blockchain in terms of cryptocurrency is among the most brilliant inventions, but the world’s not ready for it now. Five hundred years from now, there won’t be money, but only analogs of what we call cryptocurrency.”

He also believes that contemporary political system will seize control over cryptocurrencies once they start to pose some real threat to it.

“I can easily imagine national cryptocurrencies. The independent ones are unlikely.”

Kaspersky also believes that quantum computers are a serious obstacle on the way of blockchain technology.

“Once they emerge, the entire cryptography of today will go south. There’ll be quantum cryptography. They’ll have to use quantum computers to encrypt information, and they will be very expensive from the start. This will threaten modern-day principles of blockchain,” he added.

Back in 2015, Kaspersky also called cryptocurrencies the most brilliant invention of the humankind, stressing, however, that the world is not ready to use them in geopolitical terms.

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