Eugene Kaspersky: Cryptocurrency is a Most Brilliant Invention

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Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of the Kaspersky Labs, called cryptocurrency the mankind’s most brilliant invention, however, he opted to stress that in geopolitical terms the world community is not ready to use it as yet.

He told that to the journalists at Kaspersky Digital Radio earlier today.

“I think cryptocurrencies are a most brilliant invention, yet the world is not ready for them in geopolitical terms. Had there been a world government, had the world been unified in a unitary society, cryptocurrency would have worked perfectly. This is the future,” he said.

Kaspersky also told that, in his opinion, bitcoin was invented ahead of its time, and the governments will keep on trying to ban it.

“I am totally sure that different countries will try to ban usage of cryptocurrencies every now and then, as they are beyond any control. As long as they don’t pose an obstacle, no one will pay attention. But when they start superseding national currencies, all of them will be banned at once,”
Kaspersky thinks.

Kaspersky also agreed that the blockchain technology is very promising and may be applicable in various domains. However, he does not believe the world will abandon paper money, at least in the mid-run.

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