Ethereum Co-founder Supports Ethereum Classic

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IOHK CEO and a well-known entrepreneur Charles Hoskinson has stated that he intends to support Ethereum Classic.

Particularly, he wrote in his Twitter:

Hoskinson has been very critical about The DAO and Ethereum hardforking. At blockchain conference BIP001 held on July 7 in Odessa, Hoskinson said:

“The fact that the DAO crisis happened has exposed the governance problem with the Ethereum Foundation. There’re some people saying ‘we should fork’ and other people saying ‘we shouldn’t fork’. Well, that’s a decision. Something has to be done. … It’s not explicitly defined in the protocol.”

Hoskinson is former CEO of Ethereum Foundation, and one of the project’s founders. Later on, he left the project due to controversies within the team. Currently, he heads Hong Kong-based blockchain company IOHK, actively searches for qualified developers, and is engaged in the development of new projects. Additionally, Hoskinson actively promotes the concept of so-called third-generation blockchain systems.


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