Emercoin Provided Details as to Their Blockchain Engine Platform


A few days ago, Emer Group has announced its own platform for app development dubbed Blockchain Engine. Its main distinction from other existing platforms is said to be in the fact that it provides readily operational services for e-businesses and network security.

This could give Blockchain Engine an edge over some other projects, whose developers only vocalize what they intend to do, or how they plan to implement their features.

Basic solutions available at the platform would enable the creation of any blockchain-related apps with high reliability and speed ratios.

The fully operational ecosystem has been initially released for public on April 25. The company stated their motivation was to remove barriers hindering the way to a wider spreading of distributed technologies. Emer Group sees community participation as a key factor in development process, so it hopes the platform would attract many community members.

Initially, the engine will focus on digital copyright; Internet security; distributed advertising networks; uncensorable DNS; proof of title; and the Internet of Things.

Apart from other options like readily-operational solutions, Emer Group also offered fast transactions (as Emer’s blockchain is optimized and relatively small), unlimited scope of possible apps (social networks, games, analysis, prediction markets, financial services, etc.), and simplicity which would enable Javascript developers (among others) to comprehend the platform easily.

“Blockchain Engine is a development driven platform allowing anyone to become part of the most functional blockchain available today for business and personal use. The blockchain community now has an easy to use environment to create innovative applications and services on the Emercoin blockchain,” stated Jason Cassidy, Chief Communications Officer at Emer Group.

Basic components of Blockchain Engine are as follows:

EmcSSH — extension for standard administering protocol of SSH networks. Thanks to storage of public keys and access control logs on blockchain, it makes network administration safer and easier. It completely excludes possibility of a widespread attack dubbed “man in the middle”, and solves the single administrator problem.

EmcSSL —  extension for standard user protocol SSL. It stores digital stamps of user certificates on blockchain; authorizes users; and provides secure access to remote sites.

Emc InfoCard – electronic visiting cards stored on the blockchain that may be associated with client certificates EmcSSL. They allow for structured storage of any user data, which enhances comfort of accessing websites.

EmcTTS — digital timestamp. The service stamps the time of placing any documents on the blockchain. The service is aimed at insurance contracts and similar agreements. It may solve issues related to copyright, patent rights, etc.

EmcDPO —  digital proof of title. The service may be used to confirm ownership for any property with assigned unique numbers, like VIN numbers of cars, cadastral numbers of land plots, software licenses, etc. Upon selling or transferring an asset, its owner automatically loses the right of ownership, which passes to the new owner.

Emc ATOM — two-side transaction with no third parties involved. It is used for sales in trustless environment and removes any need for escrow party.

EmcUDS —  unquestionable digital signature to prove a person’s signature under a document is uncontestable.

EmcDNS – a service for creation of super-reliable networks and protection against DNS switching. Operability of distributed networks connected via internet may be compromised due to failures or attacks on DNS. Alternative distributed system of domain names, emcDNS, removes the dependence on common DNS, which makes the network almost impervious. Blockchain-based DNS enables users to avoid website blockage and various DDoS attacks.

EmcLNX – instant payout for a click in an advertisement network.

Blockchain Engine’s virtual private server is available at Microsoft Azure’s store. It is also deployable on Ubuntu.

Further details are available at the project’s website.

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