Emercoin Develops Web App for System of Precise Proof of Ownership

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Emercoin has announced it releases EMC DPO, a web app making the blockchain-based system of precise proof of ownership more convenient and simple.

EMC DPO was initially released two years ago. Over that time, the solution has proven effective and garnered user trust. The simple web app was created for their convenience.

“We’ve created EMC DPO web app to make the work with the service as simple as possible, and thus attract new users who may find that EMC DPO is an efficient way to tackle counterfeiting,” Emercoin’s statement reads.

In the system, blockchain acts as a public ledger where only the record’s owner can prove the title. The record of ownership is made in the blockchain to confirm the rights for any kind of property having unique ID numbers, like car VIN, cadastral numbers of land plots, license numbers for software, and so on.

How It Works

A manufacturer of goods, like watches or jewelry items, decides to protect their brand against counterfeiting. For that purpose, they use EMC DPO on their website, puts records on every product item in the blockchain, and generates a QR code. Then, every customer may scan a QR code for each item they like, go to the website, and see whether an item with provided serial number exists, and had it been already bought by someone else. Thus, the customer makes sure that the product is genuine, while the manufacturer doesn’t incur losses and improves their reputation.

Any manufacturer/item owner may install the app and become an EMC DPO user. The detailed guidelines for installation are also available.

In late 2016, Emercoin celebrated three years of operation. Back then, the project’s spokesperson Ivan Kuznetsov told ForkLog that one of Emercon’s prime objectives was to provide solutions for real-world problems.

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