Emercoin Claims Spammers Attempt to Discredit the Project

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Oleg Khovayko, Emercoin CTO, told ForkLog the project’s assumed rivals were trying to undermine the company’s reputation with spam in Slack channel.

According to Khovaiko, the attacks are growing more sophisticated as the spammers mimic Emercoin’s official newsletters, and use a popular corporate messenger app for that purpose.

Thus, a user named buycoin sends out ads of the company’s solution based on outdated software to users having some relation to cryptocurrencies.

The newsletter looks as follows:


Notably, the spam mailing started the day before the release of the company’s merged mining solution.


Khovayko says that Chronobank were the first to complain about the spam. Shortly afterwards, those affected by spam messages started complaining on Reddit. Moreover, there were some community members who opted to leave Slack cryptocurrency channels in an attempt to avoid possible scam.


Earlier, Emercoin announced its official switch to merged mining, which would allow the platform’s users to mine Emercoin and Bitcoin simultaneously.

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