Decentralized Social Network Yours to Use Lightning Network

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Decentralized social network Yours is closing in on its launch. Currently, the team gives away invites to anyone who had provided their e-mail on the project’s landing page. The invites will be distributed within the next few weeks, however, it’s still unknown whether there’s a limited number thereof.

Yours is commonly called a decentralized Reddit featuring a system of Bitcoin rewards for content creators. The platform’s launch, however, has been postponed several times. Explaining the delays, the developers state that they want the final product to be as mature as possible. The project has also undergone rebranding: Yours is a platform formerly known as Datt.

The team has also announced that Yours will become the first social network to use Lightning Network protocol to monetize the content. Currently, such things are not easy to do, as they involve microtransactions only.

Apart from microtransactions, user data will also be decentralized. The project actively cooperates with possible investors and hopes that it will be able to announce a fundraising campaign a success in the short run.
Creator of Yours, Ryan Charles, has recently expressed his doubt that currently popular Steemit would be eventually successful.

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