DECENT Software Sale Raises $2.5m After First 24 Hours

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The DECENT ICO started on Sunday, September 11, and already demonstrated some stunning results having gathered over 4000 BTC in the first 24 hours.

By 5pm GMT on Monday the ICO counter stood at 4038 BTC, or $2,448,845 at the Bitcoin current market price.

Initially the DECENT Software Sale was supposed to start on Saturday, September 10, but after a wave of requests from the community and due to the need to solve some infrastructure issues that would make the DCT distribution more fair, it was delayed for one day.

It all went smoothly on Sunday, and with the 50% bonus that applied during the first day of the ICO, over 3000 BTC was raised by the evening time. A 10% bonus applies during this week starting on Monday, September 12.

“Thanks to our entire community we have made a huge step towards achieving our goal to revolutionize digital content distribution processes worldwide. During the first day of DECENT ICO we raised an incredible amount of more than 4000 BTC. We want to say “thank you” to every single one of our supporters. Your trust is what keeps pushing us forward in following and accomplishing DECENT Network milestones,” DECENT co-founder Matej Boda told ForkLog.

Indeed, trust and security have always been top priorities for the DECENT Network and with this in mind the Software Sale funds are held in a Coinbase 2-of-3 multi-signature vault. This means that two out of the three key holders will have to authorize any future withdrawal of the funds. These key holders are Matej Michalko, co-founder of Decent, Tibor Tarábek, founder of Microsoft Slovakia, and Alexander Vasylchenko, CTO of Grid Singularity, Ex-CTO of Mycelium.

Participating in the DECENT Network ICO is a rather easy process, and, as ForLog reported earlier, to help the users the team has also published an explicit guide. Also, DECENT has partnered with Changelly cryptocurrency exchange service that allows users to automatically trade between multiple altcoins, something that will come in handy for DECENT with regards to mass adoption.

DECENT Network is currently in the Pre-Alpha stage and is set to launch in the beginning of 2017. The ICO will last for the next 8 weeks. You can also check out the Roadmap, which details the plans regarding the development of the DECENT Platform.


More information about the DECENT Network and how you can join The Digital Revolution can be found on:

DECENT website:

Telegram: (Russian language channel)



By Andrew Asmakov

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