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With just a couple of weeks left to go until the DECENT Software Sale starts, DECENT Content Distribution Platform announced its decision to adjust token distribution and the overall amount of tokens to be issued.

According to the DECENT team, while the decision is a strategic one, it was made after taking into consideration “many suggestions from the community” as well.

“I think you have to listen to the community, but also it was a strategic decision. We were evaluating this for quite a while. Because of the long term goals we have we need the ICO to be successful, but we felt from the community that they were suggesting limitation. Therefore the 35 mln amount for the DECENT Foundation had to be changed; also we redesigned the token distribution”, DECENT co-founder Matej Boda told ForkLog.

Thus, the DCT distribution and the final amount of the tokens to be issued will be as follows:

DCT sold in the September Software Sale will be 70% of the total DCT distributed. Part of this will also be pre-mine funds that will be distributed in following way:

  • 10% for the DECENT Foundation and 2% for the Investment Fund
  • 1,000,000 tokens for DECENT Bounty program
  • 3,000,000 for Pre-software marketing

The remaining 30% of the tokens will go to mining rewards. This system will be based on disinflationary system and designed to be distributed over 20 years.

Another change applies to the DECENT Software Sale bonuses. 50 percent bonus will apply only to the first 10,000,000 DCT, afterwards a 10 percent bonus can be claimed during the first week of the ICO.

As announced earlier, the upcoming ICO is aimed at creating a secure and independent publishing network powered by the blockchain technology and will commence on the 10th of September 2016.

After the crowdsale, the DECENT Core which is written in C++ and currently in alpha stage will be finished. The DECENT Platform launch is set for Q1 – Q2 2017, and traders can expect DCT to be listed on exchanges. More details can be found in the DECENT Roadmap.

Apps For Publishing

Provided the ICO reaches its goals the DECENT team will offer a range of open source apps for publishing and sharing digital content. Publishers will be able to make their own apps as well and will have a choice of either charging for premium content or making things available for free, or, alternatively, taking payment for downloads or on a per-view basis with multimedia streaming.

This has the potential to create alternatives to services like iTunes or Netflix for high quality and professionally produced media, but also a more reliable (due to network rewards) and privacy enhanced alternative to torrent file sharing, as well as tools for people to create blogs, newspapers or magazines.

DECENT Goes Global

Meanwhile, ahead of the upcoming ICO the DECENT team is spreading the word about the project and bolstering ties with international partners and community. Recently DECENT co-founder Matej Michalko attended several events in China presenting DECENT-Stream, a fully decentralized peer-to-peer video streaming service with no intermediary fees.


The team is putting a great amount of effort into marketing of the DECENT Network, and a quite a number of important media partnerships have already been established.

Later this week Matej Michalko will be attending Helsinki Blockchain Conference, the first high-profile blockchain event to be held in Finland, while local community in Miami, Florida and Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, is invited to DECENT meet-ups in September.

More information about the DECENT Network and how you can join The Digital Revolution can be found on:

DECENT website:

Telegram: (Russian language channel)



By Andrew Asmakov

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