DECENT Software Sale Bounties Campaign Offers Easy and Fun Way to Get Rewarded

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Starting today anyone can get rewarded for supporting the upcoming DECENT Software Sale. The DECENT team has reserved 1,000,000 DCT is for everyone who participates in promoting DECENT before and during the Software Sale.

The Bounties Campaign starts today, on the 3rd of August 2016, and will last until the last day of DECENT Software Sale.

The DECENT Software Sale begins on the 10th of September 2016 and, according to the project’s team, is aimed at creating a secure and independent publishing network powered by the blockchain technology.

Initially the DECENT team was planning to launch the Bounties Campaign on August 1 but had to change plans after receiving some remarks and advices on possible improvements from members of the projects’ Slack channel and Telegram group.

One of the things the DECENT team had to alter was the amount of coins reserved for each category. Thus, the tokens reserved for bounties will be divided as follows.

Newsletter bounty: 150,000 DCT (One stake)

By subscribing to the DECENT newsletter users will get immediate access to all the latest news and exclusive information.

Facebook bounty: 100,000 DCT (One stake)

By giving a Like to DECENT official Facebook page users will get regular updates from DECENT Life. You will become part of the DECENT journey, see posts from the events and shared articles.

Twitter bounty: 150,000 DCT (One stake)

By following DECENT official Twitter page users join DECENT Community, connect with other supporters, and get instant view into what is happening around the Network.

Signature campaign bounty: 300,000 DCT (Up to two stakes)

Users can show the world that they believe in decentralized future of media by inserting DECENT Signature into their Bitcointalk profile and get:

1 stake – Junior member/Member

1.5 stake – Senior/Full member

2 stakes – Legendary/Hero member

Moreover, if one keeps the signature in his / her profile another stake will be added proportionally to the membership level each week. To further encourage users, another stake will be added for 30 posts on the forum with DECENT Signature provided one has submitted mandatory first 20 posts

In the next couple of days the DECENT team will publish the signature campaign details along with the sign-up doc and signature codes. All the rewards will be distributed after the launch of the final release of DECENT Network planned for Q1 2017.

More information about the DECENT Network and how you can join The Digital Revolution can be found on:

DECENT website:

Telegram: (Russian language channel)




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