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With the decentralized DECENT Software Sale approaching fast, the team behind the project has announced the Network’s code is partially open to the public now.

“Based on the belief in the independent and borderless services we are making DECENT code available for everyone now! Enjoy the Open-source principle of DECENT Network and discover all of the possibilities we bring to you,” DECENT blog says.

By opening the source code, the DECENT team has granted the community a unique opportunity to delve into the depths of the Network’s functionality and the fundamental basis of the way of thinking exhibited during the software development.

The DECENT Software Sale begins this Saturday, the 10th of September 2016. The ICO is aimed at creating a secure and independent publishing network powered by the blockchain technology.

Freewallet Partnership

Prior to that the DECENT team has also partnered with Freewallet, a well-known and approved wallet service that enables easy-to-use and highly secure way to store and manage DCT assets.

Since January 2016 the Freewallet’s team has developed and successfully released a number of cryptocurrency wallets, and with its experience and user-friendly approach the DECENT wallet will provide a convenient access to users funds.

“Freewallet’s apps represent easy to use mobile wallets that allow potential users to familiarize themselves with popular cryptocurrencies, without delving into specific technical features and complex settings,” DECENT say.


ANOON Integration

One more partnership comes in form of ANOON Cryptographic Payment System integration that will allow fiat currency purchases of DCT’s or payments within the platform itself. High levels of security and fast transactions are the key features of ANOON. It can easily be altered to act as a kind of “side-chain” tool to other payment systems such as Bitcoin.

Google Support

Another big news delivered to the community was DECENT qualifying for the Google Ad Grants program which gives nonprofit organizations a chance to advertise on Google AdWords at no cost. Qualified organizations receive $10,000 per month that can be spent on promoting their missions and initiatives.

In other words, the program makes it possible for the valuable ideas to become a reality in a today’s fast-moving world, helping nonprofits to become more visible, engage the right audience, and get more volunteers or donations.

“Even though we managed to get ideas of blockchain potential within digital content distribution to various corners of the world, we still need to continue with our efforts. The larger audience we can reach, the larger independence and decentralization we can build,” said DECENT on meeting the Google Ad Grants criteria.

Spreading the word

Provided the upcoming Software Sale reaches its goals the DECENT team intends to offer a range of open source apps for publishing and sharing digital content. Publishers will be able to make their own apps as well and will have a choice of either charging for premium content or making things available for free, or, alternatively, taking payment for downloads or on a per-view basis with multimedia streaming.

Apart from the recent Helsinki Blockchain Conference, DECENT co-founder Matej Michalko is also attending a community meetup in Bratislava on Wednesday, September 7, where he will be discussing the possibilities the blockchain technology may bring into the ever expanding field of digital distribution.

Two more DECENT events, as ForkLog reported earlier, are scheduled in Miami and Nassau later this month.

More information about the DECENT Network and how you can join The Digital Revolution can be found on:

DECENT website:

Telegram: (Russian language channel)



By Andrew Asmakov


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