DECENT Is Going to Change the Media with Blockchain


Content, its monetization, and protection from unauthorized copying, provided it’s important for the author, are quite important issues faced both by individual creative people and major media groups.

A startup named DECENT is going to provide at least a partial solution to the problem by means of the blockchain. Matej Boda and Matej Michalko, the project’s founders, describe the startup as follows:

It is an Independent Web 3.0 Platform for Creative People that allows borderless publishing of any text, picture, video or music content. DECENT is acting as a resourceful and independent unit. It allows information sharing without any boundaries or restrictions. The platform is dedicated to the freedom of speech. It is served by the P2P network and secured by cryptographic and blockchain technology. DECENT makes the information sharing easy and protected. No third parties can control or influence the content.

The platform will allow an author to publish their content and have their rewards directly from other users. A complex system of filtering and recommendations will be employed within DECENT in order to help users get only the kind of content they’re actually interested in. The authors, in their turn, will always be able to find a perfect audience and get rewarder for their work.

Currently you have to go through publishers and other third parties who judge whether the content is good enough, whether it can be released or whether it is meant for their audience. In many cases this information can be influenced to bring the certain angle or to fit it into the exact profile to benefit the third partys agenda. This kind of system may seem reasonable and obviously has been working well for a very long time. But and this is the BUT, it also means that a great number of content is lost and a vast number of authors have never had a chance to get their work published and to be fully appreciated.

Information sharing is not easy. You need to fight your way through the third parties who get a significant cut of your rewards and profits, the project’s founders added.

Currently the project is under development, and the team us preparing the first release scheduled for this year’s autumn. It should be noted that monetization and distribution issues for individual content are covered by many projects. There are even forums and sites rewarding authors with some amounts in their internal cryptocurrency for communication. ChangeTip managed to move the matters a bit further it has integrated its products in most social networks and services.

However, DECENT seems to open a supplementary opportunity to place works in a unified blockchain which allows to register copyrights for dedicated content if necessary.

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