DECENT Creators Say It’s All About Decentralized Trust


The much-anticipated DECENT Software Sale has raised over 5200 BTC so far, and with recent major partnerships and new developments the future of the Digital Revolution looks quite promising.

DECENT Network is a blockchain based digital content distribution platform with the data transactions working on a p2p basis. Decentralized trust is the governing principle of the network, and in order to achieve its goals the DECENT team is currently running an ICO. Called DECENT Software Sale, the ICO aims at ensuring wide distribution of DCT, a crypto-fuel that makes the platform work.

DECENT co-founders Matej Michalko (l) and Matej Boda (r) and community manager Sandra Wantrubova

DECENT co-founders Matej Michalko (left) and Matej Boda (right) and community manager Sandra Wantrubova

ForkLog reached out to Matej Boda, DECENT co-founder, to discuss the ongoing crowdsale and, of course, the network’s philosophy.

FL: Right, so it’s already over two weeks since the DECENT Software Sale started. What are the results so far? Are things going according to the plan in regard to your objectives?

Matej Boda: The initial period of DECENT ICO was represented by an incredible support we got from our community. We raised more than 4000 BTC during the first two days of the ICO. Currently, after 2 weeks from the ICO start, we have reached the amount of 5200 BTC (approximately $3.1 million at the current rate). These funds give us a possibility to continue with the development of DECENT Network according to milestones specified in the roadmap. Thanks to our supporters we have made a huge step towards recreating the content distribution processes of today’s society.

DECENT Software Sale is one-time opportunity to become part of Blockchain driven Future of Media. Its aim is to ensure decentralized nature of the network. We are constantly focused on our long-term goals to establish a worldwide Network that will bring the principles of Security, Trust and Transparency.

FL: Your model suggests users are mostly technically savvy, or at least they have some basic understanding of what a decentralized platform is about. Isn’t there a risk that average users might be left out, and how do you plan to make DECENT appealing to them?

Matej Boda: Our model has various usage opportunities for wide range of users. Understanding of decentralized systems and their principles is necessary for those who would like to build new applications on top of DECENT protocol or become DCT miners – publishers within DECENT Network. To make everything easier and enhance DECENT ecosystem we plan to provide support services for the implementation of DECENT into existing solutions or development of new apps. Even though publishing and content buying process on a decentralized network may sound too complicated for everyday usage, DECENT will actually be a user-friendly network.

The functionality of DECENT was recently demonstrated through the very first application that will be built on top of its protocol – a Medium-like blogging platform. Making the processes on DECENT Network as intuitive and simple as possible is one of our crucial goals as it will ensure mass adoption of the technology.

FL: Recently, Facebook denied it was a media company despite obvious censorship decisions many users have been complaining about for a while. At the same time, they don’t hide having “a lot of systems in place” that try and automatically detect content that violates their standards. From this point of view, what is DECENT’s position regarding content that might be offensive or even abusive to other users, since we talk about a censorship-free content platform?

Matej Boda: As a decentralized content distribution network, DECENT is based on Decentralized Trust. Meaning that the Network belongs to its users. We have implemented a reputation layer into DECENT which allows everyone to rate the author and the particular content itself. The content that will receive bad ranking will gradually disappear from the Network. Moreover, besides being a software tool that makes DECENT work, DCT serves as a spam-protection as well. DCT makes publishing effective for real users but expensive for spammers.

It is important to understand that DECENT is a protocol. However, there is also a possibility to solve the issues such as copyrights infringement on other layers. Currently we are working on a technology that will enable detection of genuine content and ensure that nobody will re-post the content originally created by someone else. More information about this will follow later on.

FL: Will you tell us more about your recent partnership with Minergate?

Matej Boda: DECENT is partnering with MinerGate for a future mining of DCT which will be based on a PoC (proof-of-custody) algorithm. Miners represent one of three functional roles within DECENT Network. They are considered to be publishers in DECENT terminology who verify all the transactions and distribute payments to the authors. They receive a reward for doing so. We are excited about this important partnership which will help DECENT to develop quickly thanks to the gained access to MinerGate’s customer base.

More information about the DECENT Network and how you can join The Digital Revolution can be found on:

DECENT website:

Telegram: (Russian language channel)



By Andrew Asmakov


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