DAO Creation Learning Center To Be Launched in Russia

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The development team of Airalab is launching a Learning Center in Russia. The main aims of this Center will be the researching of different types of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and finding the most viable of them.

The first training course which consists of 12 lessons has been already published on GitBook.

According to Airalab’s team leader Sergey Loshakov, the model of DAO, which is under consideration in the current version of the course, is the optimal model for young startup project development into a good company using the blockchain of Ethereum.

“We made this process into lessons – from the allocation of shares between the team participants to the moment when the project is ready for crowdsale. So it does not require the knowledge of programming – almost all the tasks can be accomplished via network client with the graphical interface of Ethereum wallet. Talking to people, who are interested in creating DAO, I understood that the most of them lack of understanding how exactly the blockchain-based decentralized network works and how to use the network clients. In such circumstances, it is almost impossible to help them in writing smart contracts.  In the end, we came to a conclusion that it is necessary to create the learning center and to try to take the most widespread scenarios of the DAO creating as a basis. Then some people can perform their tasks and at the same time to work with Ethereum network”, told Lonshakov to Forklog.

Sergey also noted that the decision on learning center creation coincided with Vitalik Buterin’s appeal to community addressing the necessity of learning of the bad experience of smart contract creation and what can go wrong.

During the forthcoming month, the learning center will work exclusively within the testing network of Ethereum. Such an approach that best will allow to learn the first DAO models and to reduce “bad” contracts in the official network. Thus Airalab advises using testing network before starting the project to other developers as well.

The structure of the learning center and the process of learning itself are available for the participants: all they need is an account on GitHub. The community can offer their own autonomy models for new courses and the most popular ideas will be implemented by the developers of the learning center. Besides, independent developers can offer their own DAO models.

The learning course on the DAO creation is hosted on GitBook while a keen discussion is organized in gitter. The development team also encourages the community to submit their questions, comments, and bug reports to GitHub.

The questions, remarks and bug reports are available for submission to GitHub.


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