Cryptsy Officially Suspends Operations

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Apparently, the activity of altcoin exchange Cryptsy has come to its logical and mostly anticipated end.

In particular, the exchange’s site shows a message stating:

“Until we are able to determine extent of attack, all withdawals and markets are paused.”

Technical and reputational issues have haunted Cryptsy for a long time. Their website experienced several prolonged discontinuations. The network was full of numerous complaints concerning withdrawal of funds therefrom.

Last week it became known that the company’s office at 160 Congress Drive, Delray Beach, Florida, has been empty for a while. The premises were leased by Project Investors, Inc.

According to CoinDesk, the building’s managing company Cohen Commercial Management confirmed that the leased premises have been abandoned for like a month. Earlier spokespersons for Cryptsy assured customers that the company continues its operations, while the issues have something to do with cutdown in expenses.

The FBI has allegedly interested in the situation around Cryptsy.

However, the company insists that all its problems are related exlusively to some external influences. According to the latest announcement of the exchange’s owner on Twitter, the exchange could fall victim to yet another cyberattack.

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