Cryptoinvestment Platform CyberFund Launches a Crowdfunding Campaign

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This week Cyberfund, a platform for crypto-investment management, announced a crowdfunding campaign to sell 3% of their native tokens, CFUND. Successful crowdfunding will allow the team to keep developing the platform by improving existing investment tools and introducing new ones.

CyberFund offers tools for making investment decisions related to crypto-assets, be it blockchain systems or apps. The project launched in August after implementation of a rating system with real-time updating system. The rating system incorporates detailed info on assets, including liquidity ratio, market cap, inflationary parameter, and specification thereof.

Later CyberFund added Radar service on the platform to inform about cryptoassets that are raising development funds or those having successfully closed a crowdsale campaign. Presently, active in the Radar is Voxelus, a VR platform.

The 3% of CFUNDS are 30,000 tokens. The campaign’s target figure is 42 BTC to be spent on the project development during 6 months. The final pricing of CFUNDs is to be determined after the end of the campaign via dividing the total number of reveived bitcoins by 30,000. For instance, if the team manages to attract 42 BTC, a single CFUND token will cost 42 / 30,000 = 0.0014 BTC. The crowdfunding starts on November 20, 2015, and ends on December 31, 2015 at 23:59 GMT.

Notably, CyberFund participated in the recent hackathon in Moscow, where they presented their task for developers. The task was in creating a system for automatic balance updates for several cryptocurrencies (Ethereum, NXT etc.). It was successfully developed by Valery Litvin, a specialist from Minsk. According to CyberFund, they will implement the balance update system in the platform next week.

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