Decentralized Apps Platform Crypti Splits: Lisk Fork Announced

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Two days ago, two participants have left the team of cryptoplatform Crypti. They have already announced their intent to launch a fork dubbed Lisk. Namely, leaving the project were community manager Max Kordek and developer Olivier Beddows.

The newly-formed Lisk intends to have Crypti ecosystem completely rebooted under a new brand. The project will be based on the Crypti v.0.5.5 source code. The team claims it will be able to positively compete with Ethereum.
Kordek says the decision to fork was made three weeks earlier. During that time, Kordek and him managed to rebrand and redesign Crypti, alter the transaction fee from 0.1% to 0.1 LISK, and amend the issuance model.

“The situation at Crypti was very complicated. Since weeks only very few people at Crypti were really working, but there was still nearly no progress and the motivation also sank to a minimum. I was always very positive about Crypti and the platform we wanted to build. But unfortunately over the past months this changed for individual Foundation members. I got together with Olivier and discussed what we can do. We came up with a proposal to make Crypti open source and involve the Community more. The Foundation was not that positive about our proposal and wanted to launch an ICO. I was against the ICO at Crypti, because we already had one and in the past the Foundation promised to not do one again,” Kordek explained his reasons to leave the project.

Currently, Kordek and Beddows intend to fundraise with an ICO scheduled for the period from February 22 to March 21, 2016.

“Max has done a great job. He activated the community, and was engaged in PR. As for Olivier, he helped with our toolset, and was actively participating in the project. I have no claims to them. It’s just not them who did everything; we all did everything. Developing Crypti were myself, Pavel Nekrasov, Vera Nekrasova, and Stas Osokin. Our repository is open and available for anyone to see. Last months, as funds are running low, we faced an issue of possible re-launch of the project. We discussed it, but gradually came to nought. And then all those things popped up. Their attempt to have a fork generally cannot affect the project, considering they intend to convert XCR. They may have some progress, but I can’t say anything particular in this relation,” said Boris Povod, lead developer and co-founder at Crypti.

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