Ukraine’s PrivatBank continues its Bitcoin promotion efforts

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Today Ukrainian largest private bank PrivatBank posted an interview about Bitcoin and blockchain with Nicolas Cary from on the main page of its online banking service Privat24. The bank also sent a newsletter to its customers inviting them to watch the interview. Considering the bank’s clientelle counts up to 3.9 million people in Ukraine, the campaign could raise the awareness level throughout the country’s citizens.

The full interview:

The interview was made as a part of the supporting campaign for bank’s recently launched Bitcoin processing services and newly released messenger app dubbed Sender backed with cloud platform Conezoid. The app incorporates a bitcoin wallet and allows a user to transact and effect payments.

The bank’s Creative Director Egor Avetisov presented Sender app speaking at Blockchain Incredible Party conference in Ukrainian city of Lviv:

It seems PrivatBank has huge plans for the app, so the bank apparently does its best to promote bitcoin in Ukraine.

According to the app’s official website, the application, apart from a standard messenger functionality, incorporates the use cases listed hereunder:

  • Mobile phone account topping up
  • Remittance of funds to a card or to a contact from the user’s address book
  • Purchasing goods and services
  • Settlement of bills

Speaking at the same conference, Nicolas Cary stressed on the importance of Bitcoin promotion to general public:

The bank’s bitcoin-friendly policy garnered substantial support from local cryptocurrency community.

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