Block Size Debate: Chinese Miners Side with Bitcoin Core

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China-based F2Pool, the world’s second largest miner in terms of capacity, confirmed it rejected the original idea of supporting Bitcoin Classic as a possible solution for block size scaling, and stuck with Bitcoin Core.

The same decision was made by another Chinese miner HaoBTC. Its spokespersons state Chinese miners mostly side with Bitcoin Core.

The debate around block size increase became immensely burning these days, and hardforking Bitcoin Classic, which implies block capacity increase up to 2 megabytes, managed to gain the affection from numerous companies, developers, and users. The solution was also supported by major miners, including BitFury, KnCMiner, Coinbase and Circle.

Earlier it was stated that F2Pool also had supported Bitcoin Classic, whose share in overall network mining capacity comprises around 23%. However, the company made hay of those assumptions.

“Miners in China were scared by […] proof-of-work changing pull request,” said Wang Chun, F2Pool operator in an interview to Bitcoin Magazine.

The request mentioned by Wang Chun was submitted last week by Bitcoin Core developer Luke Dashjr, however Jonathan Toomim, the lead developer for Bitcoin Classic, closed it because the idea seemed too radical to him.

Wang Chun also stated that F2Pool stance as to Bitcoin Classic had been misinterpreted, and the pool actually never expressed explicit support for the proposal, but rather used the word ‘welcome’ in its regard.

Earlier this week, Wang Chun stated that hard fork was more preferrable than soft fork via Segregated Witness, while the latter solution is the one supported by Bitcoin Core.

Someone might quess Mr. Hearn was right about Chinese miners and Bitcoin Core, when he predicted the Bitcoin XT’s fate for Bitcoin Classic.

“When we were preparing for XT, we also went and talked to the Chinese miners. They told us that the original 20mb limit Gavin proposed was too high, but that they could accept 8mb. So we compromised and went with 8 + a growth function. Then after XT was launched they changed their mind and said any growth after 8 at all was totally unacceptable. Now they’re telling the Classic guys that 2 is the most they could handle. Did the Chinese internet border really get 4x worse in the span of 3 months? I doubt it,” he then said.

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