ChangeTip has blocked account of ForkLog Magazine due to US sanctions against Russia

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A few days ago we have noticed some issues in service functioning as it became impossible to send tips via site button. Shortly after that, when we tried to log in into our ChangeTip account, we got the message that our account has been suspended.

Then we contacted ChangeTip’s helpdesk and their answer was that our account has been blocked because the company cannot provide services in countries that are in OFAC. OFAC means: Office of Foreign Assets Control – a department of the U.S. Treasury that enforces economic and trade sanctions against countries and groups of individuals involved in terrorism, narcotics and other disreputable activities.

Here’s their answer:

After we explained that Ukraine (where we are located) is not in the OFAC list, the answer of ChangeTips customer support was that we must provide evidence we’re not situated in Crimea being under Russian control since spring of 2014:

Right now we have already sent a note to the ChangeTip’s represantatives stating that we’re not located in Crimea (as well as in Russia or any territory controlled by Russia) as they might see from IP logs of our account, however the service’s administration has not provided a further answer yet.

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