Gavin Andresen Withdraws BIP 101

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Gavin Andresen, Bitcoin Core developer, announced he dismissed his BIP 101 proposal. The proposal was the basis for Bitcoin XT protocol.

BIP 101 was developed in summer 2015 by Andresen and recently departed Mike Hearn. Their solution, however, was widely criticized due to its aggressive block size increase to 8 MB as of 2016 with subsequent doubling every two years. Chinese miners were also dismissive about the proposal.

Mike Hearn later proposed an updated version of the protocol dubbed Bitcoin XT, however, the community still was not positive about it either.

Concerning the withdrawal of BIP 101, Andresen wrote on Github:

A bit later, statuses of readme.mediawiki and bip-0101.mediawiki changed to “withdrawn”.

Yesterday, the world’s leading bitcoin companies and exchanges published an open letter titled “Call for Consensus”. Therein, they called the developers to dismiss launching any “contentious hard-forks”, including Bitcoin Classic developed in co-operation with Andresen.

Bitcoin Classic 0.11.2, the hard-forks initial version offering block size increase to 2 MB, has been released on Wednesday, February 10.

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