Burger King Russia Launches Whoppercoin Token

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Burger King’s Russian division has announced it is now offering Whoppercoin, its own cryptocurrency named after the signature burger serves by the company.

The new cryptocurrency was launched on the Waves blockchain platform.

Customers of Burger King in Russia can now get Whoppercoins on a special digital wallet when they are buying Whoppers. For each “Whopper” bought, the visitor will receive one Whoppercoin. Starting today, August 22, customers can send a photo of the check paid for the order at Burger King and the address of their cryptocurrency wallet to receive new cryptocurrency.

A Burger King Russia spokesman specified that the initial application of the new cryptocurrency is a new loyalty program that will allow customers to pay for food with collected coins. However, it is still unclear what exchange rate will be implemented.

“We will test the [system] first, and then we will have an understanding,” the company’s spokesman said.

To date, there are only one billion Whoppercoins issued, but the developers do not rule out the possibility of additional emissions.

Meanwhile, the statement on the Waves Platform website says the details of the partnership and future possibilities are still a subject of discussion.

Notably, earlier this summer Burger King Russia has announced it was developing software to accept bitcoins

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