BTCC Resisted a Harsh DDoS Attack

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One of the world’s biggest digital currency exchanges has reported to suffer a severe DDoS attack on New Year’s eve. The extortionists behind the attack demanded a ransom of 1 BTC to cease the DDoS attack.

During the attack, the exchange tweeted:

The attack was set in seveal phases. Initially, the exchange received an anonymous e-mail demanding a ransom to the tune of 1 BTC right away. The e-mail also hinted that the attack would continue unless the exchange pays. The company, however, returned no reply, so the attack continued.

However, it proved much more severe that the company could expect, as it reached 10 Gbps, though it lasted short. Following the phase, BTCC received yet another message from the extortionists reading: “Now you have a taste of what we’re capable of. Please pay us 10 BTC immediately or more attacks will follow.”

In order to provide better protection from DDoS attacks, the company had to increase its expenses on professional protection services. However, it did not reply to the extortionist’s e-mail again, so the attack continued. It lasted for several hours and caused some performance and functionality failures. However, the exchange managed to upgrade their servers.

After the tidal wave subsided, the extortionists hitted them up again, now demanding even more money:

“We will keep these attacks up until you pay! The price is now 30 BTC. You had better pay up before you go bankrupt! Mwa ha ha!”

The exchange returned no reply once again, and did not pay a single satoshi, so the attack continued. Eventually, the extoritionists gave up and proposed to call it a draw having significantly cut the ransom:

“Hey, guys, look, I’m really a nice person. I don’t want to put you all out of business. What do you say we just make it 0.5 BTC and call it even?”

However, BTCC did not reply to that e-mail either, so the attacks ceased, and they received the last message from the nice person in question, where he or she couldn’t resist to have the last word:

“Do you even speak English?” it read.

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