BTC-e Publishes Updated Plan for Paying Back Investors

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Representatives for BTC-e have published аn updated plan for investor repayment in the wake of the platform’s closure by the U.S. law enforcement last month.

According to the post at bitsmedia forum, the exchange’s administration has studied the feedback in regard to their previous proposal, and opted to revise its decision to heed the community’s opinion.

According to BTC-e (as translated from Russian), the updated plan is fairer to cryptocurrency and fiat holders.

“For each currency there will be a reassessment considering the assets that are currently available. At the moment, only 55% of all assets are available, so 55% will remain in the currency while 45% will be converted into a token of a certain currency.

“For tokens of all currencies there will be free trading at a separate page. One may trade them at any price that does not exceed their denomination. We undertake to purchase all the tokens. You may also sell your tokens to other users and get the currency, or wait and then exchange the tokens at face value.

“For instance, you had 1 BTC. Therefore, you’ll have 0.55 BTC and 0.45 BTCT. You may withdraw BTC at once, while the remaining 0.45 are subject to either exchanging for BTC at the market rate, or to further exchange at face value.”

The representatives for the exchange also warned about fake links to what is claimed to be the exchange’s new domain. The exchange has once again stated that the official Twitter and the official account at the forum are the only venues for official statements.

Notably, all previous statements by BTC-e have been published at Bitcointalk, which includes the previous roadmap that had been presented on August 9th.

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