BTC-e Adds Ethereum and Dash

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Popular bitcoin exchange BTC-e has announced today it added pairs ETH/BTC and DSH/BTC.

BTC-e has been working since 2011, and until today it has supported only Bitcoin, Litecoin and Namecoin. Apart from USD, the exchange also offers trades for Russian Ruble and Euro.

According to Bitcoin Charts, over the course of last thirty days, overall trading volume at the exchange has comprised around 180,000 BTC (roughly $76.5 million at the time of writing). This makes BTC-e the world’s second exchange in terms of trade volumes, with only Bitfinex outranking it.

Two new trading pairs are expected to expand trading opportunities and attract new clients.

Ethereum has been a popular addition among the world’s successful crypto-exchanges recently, including Bitfinex,, Coincheck, and Korbit. Uphold has also announced it will add ETH options in May.

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