BlockShow 2018 to Disrupt Europe with Its Largest Conference Ever

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After the big and successful event in Singapore in November 2017, BlockShow team comes back to BlockShow Europe 2018 – the brand’s third big conference dedicated to discovering the hottest innovations, trends and sensations currently happening in both European and global blockchain scenes.

This time the event will be held on May 28-29; organizing team decided not to move too far from the previous location, having chosen Berlin as a place for the upcoming conference.

Berlin was chosen as one of the main European centres for fintech and blockchain development; also, large concentration of investments, startups and innovative businesses makes the city a capital for many trending industries.

BlockShow Europe 2018 will bring the most interesting blockchain applications, latest sensations, a lot of high-quality content and networking experience. The event will be visited by more than 3 000 attendees; the conference exhibition will include more than 150 projects, and over 120 organizations and companies will provide their support for the upcoming event. These are twice as many values as were shown during the recent conference in November 2017 and on average five times bigger than it was in Munich last April.

What’s the Focus?

BlockShow Europe will reveal the most innovative releases from the promising blockchain companies, the most successful projects, as well as rich and versatile insights on how blockchain disrupts major global industries, such as IoT, AI, Cybersecurity, Voting & Elections and many others. At the same time, we will be honored to welcome representatives of central banks and European governments who will share their vision and current experience of harnessing the Blockchain technology.

Top blockchain experts around the globe claim 2018 to be the year of global blockchain regulations, so there is no way BlockShow won’t raise this question at the main stage of the upcoming event.

BlockShow Europe 2018 is going to bring together over 70 internationally recognized speakers and experts from banks, institutions and numerous global industries; during single speeches, discussions and panel sessions, all of them will deliver high-quality professional insights, knowledge and more. We are happy to introduce the first of them:

Llew Claasen – Venture Capitalist & Executive Director at Bitcoin Foundation
Bobby Lee – Co-founder of BTCC, Board member at Bitcoin Foundation
Milan Sallaba – Partner at Deloitte Consulting
Ahmed Syed – Lead, Innovation Office at SAP
Ivan Liljeqvist – Speaker, Blockchain Influencer at Ivan On Tech
David Lee – Professor, Entrepreneur, Director and Advisor at LeftCoast
Dr. Julian Hosp – Co-Founder & President at TenX
Joern Leogrande – Executive VP, Innovation Labs at Wirecard AG
Ildar Fazulyanov – CEO and Founder at Well Inc.
Eugéne Etsebeth – Business Unit Head, Payments and ACH / Central Banks at Sybrin
Aaron Koenig – Blockchain advocate since 2011, Founder at Bitfilm
Matej Michalko – Founder, CEO & President at DECENT platform
Benny Giang – Co-founder of CryptoKitties, Product Manager at Axiom Zen
Ronny Boesing – Founder at OpenLedger
Dr. Pavel Kravchenko – Information Security PhD, Cryptographer, Software Engineer, Founder at Distributed Lab
Konstantin Gladych – CEO & Co-Founder at Changelly, Advisor at Cindicator, Genesis Vision, MinerGate
Gilles Fedak – CEO & Co-founder at iExec

“And yet this is a very small part of what the team is preparing. Each year we’re striving to bring more show to the whole concept of BlockShow, so there is no doubt this time our event will be packed with even bigger exhibition, expanded networking opportunities and other entertaining activities. Both of our Startup Competitions were a truly exciting and fun experience for us and our contestants; this year, we will proceed with this great tradition of discovering and rewarding the most promising Blockchain-powered companies out there, so if you are a Blockchain entrepreneur – don’t miss out on this chance!” the BlockShow team says.

Registration for BlockShow Europe 2018 is officially open! Learn more and register for the conference at the official BlockShow Europe website. Also, don’t forget to save from your ticket purchase and get the most profitable deal right now with the code: 20FORKLOG.

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